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Godly Accounting Practices

Let Koren's accounting skills fill that GAP in your accounting needs!

Do you feel overwhelmed by maintaining your business's bookkeeping records on top of handling it's day to day activities? Or do you feel your budgeting practices could use a touch up? Whatever the reason, Godly Accounting Practices wants to be your choice to help meet your accounting and budgeting needs. With twenty-five years of experience in accounting and having earned both a Bachelor and Master of Science degree in Accountancy, Koren is ready to put her knowledge to work for you!

Services offered are:

  • Basic Individual Taxes

  • Business and Personal Accounting/Bookkeeping

  • Business and Personal Budgeting Consultations

  • Church Accounting/Budgeting Organization

Let Koren take your accounting to a new level of excellence today!

Email or call at:


Phone: (443) 528-6654

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